The Break Down

The Writer In Me...

One day, in the middle of having a little break down of my own, I was struck with the concept to write a book. Never had I ever given any serious consideration to doing something like this. Rather it was like lightening that struck me, and there wasn't a whole lot of choice involved. I felt that I must. I felt that the things that I was experiencing were not unique to me. But I also recognized that what I was going through was something most don't experience until later in life. My goal, based on that, is to bring some of this understand to more people and help guide people to their own healing, sooner. 

I realized that I had been lying to myself for most of my adult life. And that lie was in the driver's seat every time I made a big life decision. It had a lot to do with my self worth. When I realized the lie and how much it was running my life, I started asking what else I might be lying to myself about and who else was doing this to themselves without knowing. 

Beyond helping to heal trauma and sharing my story, I share a lot of my unique perspectives on the things that plague our culture, and how we can shift the way we operate, in order to start cleaning up our mess. 

The Break Down - How to Change the Framework