A little more about me...

My Raisin'

As far back in my lineage as I can reach, I find a great love of music and an abundance of talent. Being in piano lessons at age 4 and having a childhood filled with instruments and music, it has becoming the most natural thing I know how to do. 

I was born and raised on the east coast of Canada. My father's family gatherings were plentiful and always filled with old country and bluegrass. In a childhood of uncertainty, these gatherings were the one thing that brought me the most joy. My mother's father was a songwriter, with a brother who was inducted into the Bluegrass Hall of Fame. Everyone could play an instrument, and often were, somewhere around the house. 

In my later years, I travelled and adventured. In my twenties I also lived in Alberts. While there, I had taken on four different jobs to support myself while I received my personal training education. One of those jobs was a full time gig I had acquired after performing at a music festival in Cochrane, AB. I had accidentally gotten that gig by playing a tune at an open jam where I had been waitressing. Being the ripe age of twenty three (or four), the stage and all that pursuing music meant was too scary and unknown. Whether it was the fear, or just simply timing, I stepped away from what was starting to become a career. My greatest fear about pursuing music was turning something I loved so much, into "work". 

When I was young, I could sing and play. Now that I am a little more grown up, I understand that I am an artist of many forms. I connect with music, now, in a way I never did. With that said, I now understand that we are all gifted, and sharing our gifts and talents with the world is what makes it beautiful. I think we can all agree that the world could use more of that. 

I am grateful for all the connections I get to make with people, through my music. My hope is that you find something in my art that makes you feel good. No matter how small. Life can be unkind. Know that you are not alone.